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Tips and advice about finding the inner beauty of Florence

I am sure everyone knows the beauties and treasures of Florence, yet when you live there the experience can vary from person to person.
Surely if you don’t like arts or historical buildings, living in Florence can turn in a kind of nightmare.

Although I am a Florentine, because I teach and direct the small Italian school “Spirito Italiano” in Florence, I know very well the feelings and the comments of students, about living in Florence.

Florence, like many historical cities it is a place that makes you relive the experience of Renaissance times. Apart from all the famous places, there are in Florence many nice things to discover. Small and simple things like a beautiful fontanellaFlorentine fontanella (drinking fountain) (drinking fountain) or the corner decoration of a building.
When you walk in the streets of the center you should stop often and look around for small details. Anyway, be carefully to look also on the pavement, because there are in some place lot of dog feces.
I guess Florence is cleaner than the Renaissance time, yet some students say: “If Florence earns so much money from tourism, why don’t they have the money to repair and clean the streets”. Well, that is another story that I will explain in a different article.

Anyway, the inner beauty of Florence is not only what you can see in the museums, churches and in the streets, but if you have a chance to enter the courtyards or gardens of many historical buildings, in my opinion, you will see some fabulous places, which will really take your breath away.
For tourists and Italians, once or twice a year, these private gardens are open to the public for two Sundays. You can check here for the opening dates.
Of course, although renting an historical apartment is nice and romantic, when you own one it is a completely different story, since you have to pay a lot for restoration.

As I said, if you come to Florence you must accept the fact that in Florence you won’t find modern things like big department stores, many modern art galleries or a variety of clubs with live music. There are many things to do in Florence and nearby towns, and that is way I started to write my blog, to help anyone coming to Florence to find good tips, advice and to give my students and me a chance to write about our experiences and comments about living in Florence.
On my blog you can also find some information about enjoying the beauty of Florence at zero cost.
Please, if you have any advice about living and studying in Florence write a comment on my blog!