Who said learning Italian would be easy! At times I just want to pull my hair and scream!  I was originally born in Bulgaria but at the age of sixteen I relocated to the USA, where I lived there for fifteen years.  Currently I’m 31 years old living in Florence and I fluently speak Bulgarian and English.  Also, I can write, read, and somewhat speak Russian, and I understand Macedonian, Serbian, and a little bit of Polish.  I’m fortunate to comprehend all these languages either fluently or semi because all have helped me tremendously with the process of learning Italian. Though, occasionally there are moments when my brain gets into a big mishmash.

Italian grammar is quite difficult because there is a lot of irregular verb usage, so here comes the memorization part, and like every other language it has its delicate enigmas.  Bulgarian grammar is absolutely identical but my problem is that I think in English because my initial adulthood began in the USA.  I graduated High School and College there as well as building my work experience, so I can truly say that I’m 100% Americanized.  As far as English grammar goes, there are no irregular verbs and there is just a single change in third person where you add a simple “s.”  Maybe now you’d recognize my frustration!

I consider myself a pretty bright girl and perhaps because I love writing and reading, so I’ve never had any difficulties with grammar.  Also, I find Italian pronunciation easy because it’s very straight forward, so in other words whatever you write and read doesn’t really change like English.  However, there are a few exceptions but the intonation changes slightly and I promise, it’d come to you naturally while speaking. I highly suggest doing a detailed research when selecting a school because having a proficient instructor is essential. Having a teacher who is fluent in English is necessary since he or she knows correctly how big of a difference both languages have.  This is just my personal view and furthermost it’s significant the approach towards instruction the tutor proceeds.

Even though my present mentor is brilliant, I still get jaded every now and then.  I’ve discovered ways to spice things up with the motivation progression.  Proud to be “Ms. Vogue Fanatic” since I was a little girl when I’d get in trouble for wearing my mom’s shoes, I decided to purchase my very first Italian Fashion Magazine.  I love it! Still, reading it leisurely, so I don’t get overwhelmed. I’m satisfied to say that moment I devote is a step-up on the way to my wisdom journey.  In Florence there are hundreds of journals, so no matter what you’re passionate reading about either, health, fitness, culinary, cars, or traveling, it will help you learn Italian.  By the way, I’m awe-struck with the magazines’ assortment.  I aspired to dare my persona further by setting up my computer internet home page in Italian.  It’s so entertaining!  I get to read the weather conditions in Italian, my day-to-day horoscope, or specific gossip but I try not to occupy too much time since its precious.

In general, there are thousands of techniques studying a foreign language but it all comes down to your attitude and keeping on a whole-hearted inner self!


Student of
Spirito Italiano
Italian Language School

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