I come from a middle class family and have never known the feeling of a deluxe life. As long as I can remember, working hard for what I have has at all times been the story.  Though, I strongly believe that you can’t buy happiness, health, love and etc.  In the USA, I live with my mom in a three bedroom really nice fully equipped 21st century apartment.  It’s located in one of the supreme elite suburbs out of the city of Chicago.  I was intellectually geared up for my new so called life in Florence as far as the conditions; yet it didn’t hit me up until I arrived.

In Florence, I live in a small studio where it’s kind of like one big room where I have a bed, a fully equipped kitchen, a pretty nice wooden table with a few chairs, some sort of clothing cabinets, and a mirror if you’re lucky. Furthermore, there is a bathroom which is completely separate with a washing machine inside.  Oh, I nearly forgot there is a TV but I can never get it to work.  Overall, I feel pretty fortunate with my studio because it’s big enough for a girl and I don’t feel too lonesome.  Moreover, what I like about this place is that when you walk in, there’s a hallway area and my kitchen is separate from my “bedroom” if I may say.

The most awful part of living in Florence is all the enormous vampires called mosquitos.  I’ve turned into a terminator! In the USA, they spray during the season of the mosquitos but I’m positive they don’t in Italy because my entire feminine physique has been beaten all over.  I guess in Florence the buildings aren’t constructed the same way as in the USA with net shield on the windows.  If you have the money, you can easily purchase something similar to it but just remember, the windows here are actually large.  What I did was asking the landowner to provide an electronic mosquito repellent for the little vampires.  Now I’m okay and got used to it quickly since it brought back memories from Bulgaria.

For those of you who haven’t ever stayed in Europe, I have noteworthy newsflash for you! The water and energy are LUXURIOUS!  I have even more gratefulness for our natural surroundings! In the USA, there is overconsumption to a point where it’s become a Global Concern. In Chicago, I’d just let the water run while brushing my teeth or shampooing my hair.  Beforehand I’d have the lights on all over the place; I’d leave the TV on even if I’m not watching it, the computer running and anything you can perhaps think of.  In Florence, I pay for water and energy separately on monthly basis and it’s costly though makes me pick up a message about obligation of nature.  When I was a kid in Bulgaria we wouldn’t have water running as well as not having energy on regular basis since there wasn’t enough of each natural resource.

Living in Florence or anyplace in the world has it benefits and drawbacks but what matters is your well-being!  I may not have an extravagant dynasty in Lake Como like Mr. George Clooney but he’s not as distinctive as Ms. Aneta.  I’m fulfilled, strong, and healthy!  This fresh life of mine is thrill-seeking and enthusiastic but most of all I own it!  Occasionally, I can’t fall asleep at night-time because of all the gatherings’ or vehicles’ noise but that’s the role of the Italian way of life.  Baby, I live in the center of Florence living it up! Dreams do come true!


Student of
Spirito Italiano
Italian Language School

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