I couldn’t believe the unprofessionalism of a few female teachers at the first school where I was studying Italian.  You know what; it’s supposedly an elite school with quite a few locations all over Italy and it’s where almost everyone attends.  My school experience in the USA has at all times been satisfactory but I was a bit disappointed with a few instructors at this particular faculty.  I’m referring to both professionalism and proper outer appearance.

This was the very first four week Italian-intensive course that I took in Florence and was Monday thru Friday 9:00 – 12:15p.m.  The first half of the lecture included Italian Grammar from 9:00 – 10:30 p.m. and the second half was called Conversation from 10:45 – 12:15 p.m., where I had a different instructor for each session.  Throughout the full period of time the teacher who lectured Italian Grammar was continuously the same, though I possibly had like five different instructors for Conversation.  Out of all those, simply one knew what she was doing and I can decently tell you she was an outstanding educator.  Likewise, that lady sure was a lovely soul.

Now let’s go back to the leading “Ms. Charisma” that was awfully rude, discourteous, inconsiderate, improper, and the list can go on and on but I’ll break right here for now.  She substituted twice and both times looked like she just rolled out of bed.  I’m without doubt all right with that since it’s a personal choice of hers yet snapping her fingers or whistling at me NOT!  She was trying to catch my attention but I’d persistently ignore her until she’d actually call my name.  I was so close to not only shutting her up but getting up and leaving the class room.  Though, I think she got the message because of my response and as well giving her a nasty look.  The rest of the students weren’t too happy either as we kind of looked at each other all shocked by her manners.  For the remaining time of the period she tried to kind of save the situation but I felt like it was too late, the damage’s done and you can’t really go back and fix it.

“Ms. Allure” was an extra “piece of art” but at least she was courteous.  On the other hand, I can’t wait to tell you how inappropriate her ensemble stood.  I don’t even know where to begin from because she was completely exposed at the upper front and the rear part! If you may perhaps give it a shot and just use your imagination on this one for me.  She had on a satin halter skintight dress in a champagne hue ready to go to the bar.  Was that woman eye-catching? Undeniably!  Several of you might be curious of all the fellas’ reaction.  The whole class, both guys and girls didn’t actually comment whatsoever but then sure were staring at her during the period.  I personally was saddened and dissatisfied since I paid a lot of money for this specific program to study Italian and here this so called teacher is flaunting her junk.  See, I

can understand casual dressing at school for instructors but go

ing to work half naked is unacceptable.  There are individuals from all over the world who attend this school with diverse upbringings and culture, so you can never distinguish who might get offensive.  During the discussion she kept on pulling down her dress and I wonder if she was feeling uncomfortable. Oh, and on top of that she was chewing gum and I was able to see all her interior teeth.

A number of you possibly will say that I’m being harsh but I have no apologies! In fact I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Management and have always been working in the fashion industry but I’ve never seen such obscenity.  There is a time and place for everything in life!  My dad used to say that the fewer clothes a woman has on, the less appealing she is. I think he was truthful, leave something to the imagination and remember, each time be an exclusive woman!


Student of
Spirito Italiano
Italian Language School

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