Preziosa 2010 DIALOGUES


The 2010’s edition of PREZIOSA features an open presentation that evolves and is organised at the level of dialogue. Three masters of research jewellery have been asked to select a younger artist to set up a dialogue with. In this way the curator takes the role of stimulator and mediator, seeking to weave a mesh of questions, answers, propositions, statements and mediations triggered by the meeting with the various artists, and finally charting a sort of log of the routes pursued. The exhibition is thus driven by a “spirit of dialogue”. Not merely “talking with” but “thinking with”, “being bound by thought”: a dialogue based on the desire to understand and know the other, and to propose an approach to the reality of the research jewel through a spirit of discovery. For this reason the three chosen artists share the fact that they belong to the same generation, that they are established, recognised artists with a long experience as teachers behind them, while at the same time representing three different approaches to research in jewellery. Each of the three artists will offer a broad and inclusive presentation of his or her own work, and will also select a younger artist, so as to set up and develop dialogues between different generations, languages and contents.


This relationship of dialogue will make it possible to develop broader reflections on the creative reality of the jewel, its history and its present. The public will be able to know the work of the six artists through the various phases of their work, listening to the conversations and reflections triggered by the encounters, and also by reading the “dialogue” in the works themselves. The idea behind the exhibition is to offer a view of jewellery research from within, to give space and voice to the protagonists, and through their cultural and personal filters get to know the work of the three younger artists, who have developed original research with a language that is already recognisable. Three artists, three different nationalities, a geographical line leading from North to South: Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy. Three artists who have been working for around forty years, pursuing paths that are totally different, each with a complex language, a personal and characteristic Kunstwollen, despite sharing a marked spirit of research and experimentation.

Contemporary Jewellery

PREZIOSA is a cultural project, an annual prestigeous exhibition dedicated to international Research Jewellery. The project began in 2005, and was conceived, organized and coordinated by “Le Arti Orafe”, since 1985 the school for Contemporary Jewellery Making and Jewellery Design in Italy.

Every year the artistic approachto the complex subject of jewellery is explored through a specific concept, and with the selection of artists from all the world.

Il progetto PREZIOSA è subito diventato uno dei più prestigiosi appuntamenti mondiali dedicati alla creazione orafa contemporanea, e la sola mostra d’arte contemporanea prodotta in Toscana ed esportata con grande successo all’estero: l’edizione 2007-2008 è stata ospitata a Barcellona e l’edizione 2009 a New Delhi, presso l’Ambasciata Italiana.

L’edizione 2010 sarà presentata a Città del Messico nel mese di aprile. Dal 2007 un’anteprima della mostra viene organizzata in occasione della fiera internazionale Inhorgenta, che si tiene a Monaco di Baviera nel mese di Febbraio.

Dal 2008 la mostra collaterale “PREZIOSA YOUNG” presenta una selezione di giovani artisti del gioiello, scelti da una giuria internazionale. Anche questa mostra-concorso è diventato un riferimento, con molte decine di partecipanti da ogni parte del mondo.

Ogni anno la manifestazione prende il nome della città che lo ospita: per questo le prime 4 edizioni hanno preso il nome di “Lucca Preziosa”.

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