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admin on June 22nd, 2011

Who said learning Italian would be easy! At times I just want to pull my hair and scream!  I was originally born in Bulgaria but at the age of sixteen I relocated to the USA, where I lived there for fifteen years.  Currently I’m 31 years old living in Florence and I fluently speak Bulgarian [...]

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admin on June 21st, 2011

I come from a middle class family and have never known the feeling of a deluxe life. As long as I can remember, working hard for what I have has at all times been the story.  Though, I strongly believe that you can’t buy happiness, health, love and etc.  In the USA, I live with [...]

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admin on June 21st, 2011

I couldn’t believe the unprofessionalism of a few female teachers at the first school where I was studying Italian.  You know what; it’s supposedly an elite school with quite a few locations all over Italy and it’s where almost everyone attends.  My school experience in the USA has at all times been satisfactory but I [...]

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admin on June 20th, 2011

It was nothing new to me that the majority of the Italian population is smokers. Though, to me what’s even worse is that is much more socially accepted than in the USA.  I originally grew up in Bulgaria where it’s the same story but have been living in Chicago for the past fifteen years where [...]

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admin on May 28th, 2010

Download now or preview on posterous Amazing_Medieval_Festival_at_Malmantile.docx (1117 KB) Posted via web from studyitalianflorence’s posterous

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Today I went to the Mercato delle Cascine and because it was a good relaxing experience, I want to share this with you. This market is situated on the banks of the Arno inside the beautiful Parco delle Cascine, one of  the biggest open market in Florence. Unfortunately, is open only on Tuesday from 8 am to 2 [...]

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admin on May 24th, 2010

This event was posted at the Italian school “Spirito Italiano” in Florence. We also started to have Opera singing course and online Opera courses . Posted via web from studyitalianflorence’s posterous Incoming search terms for the article:florence italy may operaflorence italy opera mayopera concert florence italy 27th mayopera florence italy thursday 27thopera in florence in [...]

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Preziosa 2010 DIALOGUES The 2010’s edition of PREZIOSA features an open presentation that evolves and is organised at the level of dialogue. Three masters of research jewellery have been asked to select a younger artist to set up a dialogue with. In this way the curator takes the role of stimulator and mediator, seeking to [...]

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admin on May 23rd, 2010

Today 23/05/2010 in Florence and in Tuscany, many private gardens and courtyards are open on this day. Also in Piazza Signoria there is the “Fiorita”, the commemoration of the death Savonarola. Florence’s historic residences will be open to the publicMore than a hundred palaces were built in Florence in the course of the 15th century, and [...]

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admin on May 13th, 2010

Tips and advice about finding the inner beauty of Florence I am sure everyone knows the beauties and treasures of Florence, yet when you live there the experience can vary from person to person. Surely if you don’t like arts or historical buildings, living in Florence can turn in a kind of nightmare. Although I [...]

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